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Laser engraving machine

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Laser engraving machine 1325 laser engraving machine
Speed PA laser engraving machine 1325 high precision mold casting of high strength, high stability of the mechanical structure, CNC Motion stable, high speed, high precision, long run without adjustment
Whole, engraving precision unchanged. Before and after the body through the design concept, can be convenient before and after the material, suitable for the processing of infinite length of the workpiece.
Speed PA laser engraving machine stable and perfect design concept, equipped with advanced industrial cooling system, equipped with automatic alarm automatic protection function, improve the stability of continuous work
Sex, safety. Perfect dust, anti pollution design, greatly improve the stability of the whole machine.
The laser engraving machine adopts the flying light path design, the structure is unique, the light path deviation is small, the stability is high, the adjustment is convenient. Optical accessories using the highest quality imported K9 mirror and
ZnSe focusing mirror, the reflectance / transmittance in the same parts of the highest, the spot is more thin, cutting force is stronger.
Speed control laser engraving machine DSP control: PC based on the PCI bus master control unit, using the world's leading DSP-TMS320, XC2S300 and other control chips, high speed,
Stability, strong anti-interference ability. Optional advanced USB control and FlashDisk (U) offline control system.
Laser engraving machine laser engraving machine independent development of high efficiency laser power: the use of new high voltage switch mode, PWM main control technology, the performance is more stable.
1325 applicable scope of laser engraving machine:
Applicable materials: wood carving, bamboo carving, jade carving, marble, organic glass engraving, crystal sculpture, plastic sculpture, clothes carving, paper carving, leather carving, rubber sculpture, ceramic sculpture, glass sculpture and other nonmetal carving material

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