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Functions the many machinery and equipment production line of furniture from the production of substitute directly for push table saws and electronic materials saw etc., for automatic material, optimization, vertical hole, cutting shape, automatic material can be completed in one step, without interruption process, maximize the output efficiency; for use in furniture, wardrobe cabinets, office furniture, custom furniture and other industries. Not greatly improve the processing precision and efficiency, but also save the cost of production and human resources. Through the comparison of the following table can be seen directly: more CNC machine >>>>
The traditional push table saw material
Numerical control machine
Mapping software
Traditional CAD drawing, there is no intuitive map, no size and labeling, the workers all with experience in the production of single, manual calculation to make the plate utilization rate is low, the error rate is high.
Special disassembly and single optimization software design, reasonable use, optimize the layout, production of intuitive drawing, and drawing at the same time automatically open a single, improve the board usage, and the demolition of a single zero error, automatic calculation of inventory.
Labor cost
Operating workers 2 people: Master + assistant; operating costs: Master (monthly salary 5500+ insurance 500) + assistant (monthly salary 3000+ insurance 500) =9500;
Operating workers 1 people: and only need a simple training can work; operating costs: monthly salary 4000+500 insurance =4500 yuan,
Other comparison
Sliding table saw can cut straight edge; artificial day is 60 plate; pushing Taiwan sawing need adjusted back and forth on foot and, waste a lot of time, risk coefficient high
The cutting machine can cut shaped plates, but also can be carved relief, automatic up and down material to reduce the labor intensity, the work is continuous
Opening cost
1220*2440mm plate, 2 people working together 50 / day
Each plate is more than 6 yuan
1220*2440mm sheet, 1 people at least 100 pieces / day
Each plate is less than 1.5 yuan

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