Multifunctional stone carving machine

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SUBACNC first four multifunctional stone engraving machine, whether from the economic type to tip configuration type, or from the carved crafts minicomputers to wood processing mainframe and each of the models are to high-tech content, high price, humane and practical design, perfect quality, perfect after-sales service, come from behind and win the industry and customers alike.
This machine suitable for diversification of the complexity of processing, is suitable for the production of project: Stone railing, staircase column, pen, Shishi, stone Buddha, chopsticks, bamboo, stone three-dimensional arts and crafts, stone ornaments, as well as carpentry stereo product engraving; plane stone reliefs and carved the word processing.
Carved sample:
Performance parameter:
Machine model
SUBA3018F4 four axis solid stone engraving machine
Machining dimension
Diameter 300mm, length: 1800mm
The bed
Thick walled square steel
Work way
Longmen Mobile
Clamping mode
Four angle chuck with thimble
Spindle motor
4.5KW*4 constant power water cooled spindle
Driving motor
Taiwan electric servo motor
Taiwan servo driver
X, Y, Z axis control resolution
The maximum length of the workpiece can be loaded.
Good 1800mm
The maximum diameter of the workpiece can be loaded
Good 300mm
Plane machining dimension
1.1 meters wide and 1.5 meters long.
water tank
Stainless steel sink (no rust, no rot)
Spindle speed
Tool cooling
Two-way bamboo tube water cooling
Speed of movement
X\Y\Z are Taiwan intime square rail
Transmission mode
Rack drive
Control system
Genuine Weihong Shanghai four axis system
working voltage

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