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3D scanner

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  • Brand:    QINGDAO SUBA
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1, scanning speed, 1.4 seconds / frame, fully automatic stitching.
2, the hardware is excellent, original import, reliability, durability is good.
3, accessories comes with serial number can be through the official website for inquiries, quality assurance.
4, 2012 full European and American technology, technology does not make a discount.
5, version is complete, XP/WINDOWS 7/WINDOWS WINDOWS 7 X64 full support, drive
Microsoft certified program.
6, 16G or more large memory support, massive data does not collapse, ultra precision scanning.
7, scan postprocessing software is complete, simple and easy to grasp, convenient and efficient.
8 common problems, without the interference of noise, and other domestic flying spot scanner.
9, simplify the hardware assembly, the original appearance of the original accessories, to avoid the modification of the fault.
10, the global software interface, to adapt to the existing international large software, as well as domestic software.
Such as: Mastercam, PowerMILL, UG, pro/e, studio geomagic......
Domestic categories such as "carved", "engineer", "Thai" etc..
11, the output format supports OBJ IGES DXF 3DS STL......

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