Multifunctional woodworking engraving machine

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  • Brand:    QINGDAO SUBA
  • Type:    QINGDAO SUBA
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Configure technical parameters:
Woodworking engraving machine performance index
SUBA1325F4-ML model
X, y, Z travel
1300 * 2500 * 300mm
The bed structure
Heavy steel ladder bed
Mesa structure
Aluminium profile table
X, Y, Z transmission structure
XY rack + linear guide rail, Z lead screw + linear guide rail
control cabinet
Independent control cabinet (with display, without the host)
Electric machinery
Taiwan servo motor
Taiwan intime linear square guide
Maximum running speed
Maximum operating speed
Spindle power consumption
Spindle water cooling 2.2kw*4
Spindle speed
working voltage
Control system
Shanghai Weihong genuine control software
Cutting tool range
Diameter of 3.175mm--- with 12.7mm
Software support
Type3, Artcam, Ucancam, Caxa, Mastercam, UG
work environment
Temperature: 0 degrees to 45 degrees C, relative humidity: 30% ~ 75%
About 2500Kg

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