Three working procedure woodworking engraving machine

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Application of the woodworking engraving machine in the three working procedure:
1 for the different needs of the cabinet industry for cutting the size of the model can be set in the system of cutting distribution, to ensure maximum use of the plate.
Cutting, carving, hollowing out the function of 2 models have the large scale plate, greatly improve the processing efficiency.
3 of the surface drilling, drilling, slotting, carving, hollowing, milling, processing to meet the demand for complex.
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Parameter introduction:
Engraving equipment model
Three cylinder switch SUBACNC1325FQ-MX
Processing stroke
X axis *Y axis *Z x 2500mm x 200mm x 1300mm
Integral machine tool
Heavy trapezoidal steel structure (by finite element analysis design and manufacture)
Work way
Longmen mobile (high precision, easy to carry weight, easy to operate)
Longmen steel
Working table
Vacuum adsorption Mesa
Spindle motor
4.5KW air cooled *3 (with cylinder)
Spindle speed
Spindle speed 6000 - 18000rpm/min
Software control system
Shanghai Weihong 53c control system: the Shanghai Weihong control display interface implementation of dynamic graphical simulation, 3D tool dynamic tracking display)
Electric machinery
Stepping motor drive
running speed
The knife clip
6kW spindle diameter of 6mm--- with 12.7mm, 1.5KW with 6mm spindle
Software support
Type3/Artcam/Ucancam/Caxa/Mastercam/UG/ Wen Tai /JD
Guide rail and transmission mode
X, Y, Z are Taiwan intime guide rail, X axis for the lead screw + guide rail transmission, Y axis for the Longmen mobile guide rail rack drive, Z axis for the guide rail + screw
control cabinet
Independent control cabinet
working voltage
380V/50/60Hz (with high flexible cable shielding line)
Machining accuracy
+ 0.03mm

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