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1. SUBACNC engraving machine as a whole machine by the wall thickness of the pipe bridge experts through the finite element analysis and design of manufacturing, Longmen and arm are used welding thick wall square steel, steel plate after finishing assembly, to provide strong protection of the environment for the operation of equipment.
The plate. SUBACNC engraving machine table board adopts the vacuum table, made of high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant high strength PVC board refined, the whole is divided into a plurality of processing area adsorption and strong adsorption of different processing area, more convenient and efficient, increase to meet the customer's production needs.
3 SUBACNC engraving machine uses a dual track bilateral driven, guide rail using the Taiwan technology to create a straight line square, double row of four row block, bearing greater accuracy, can be re cut. Taiwan high precision servo motor drive, high strength, high precision.
4 SUBACNC engraving machine with air cooling for the main spindle, high precision, long life, stable operation, running more than 40 meters per minute. Equipped with unique automatically change tool system, including the straight platoon type change knife knife and a bamboo hat type heat exchanger, according to need are free to exchange different tools, exclusive of the knife sets, precise compensation tool length error, custom 8, 10, 12 automatically change the knife tool library, the ATC convenient automation, save manpower, improve processing efficiency.
5. Machine tool standard compatibility knife knife 8 bits, the knife is controlled by Taiwan Baoyuan CNC system, high-tech intelligent precision and convenient operation, making quick tool change is accurate and reliable.
6 Z shaft is supported by the pneumatic balance system, the pneumatic balance system is a closed loop, and its function is to minimize the use of gas in operation.
7 the integration of industrial computer control system to ensure the Baoyuan, high speed and high precision machining machine tool. The software system uses the international instruction format, the compatibility is strong, Proe/UG/ /CAD/CAM, type3/Actcam/Castmate/ and so on many kinds of design production software can be compatible.
8 this machine is suitable for diversified complex products processing, more suitable for production projects: solid wood door, density board, cabinet door, computer table, plate furniture and other non-metallic materials processing.

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