Eight head stereo woodworking engraving machine

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Subaru eight stereo woodworking engraving machine for diversification of the complexity of processing, is suitable for the production of project: Tiger leg, Roman column, stair solid column, antique furniture and chairs legs, European style furniture, three-dimensional figure of Buddha, pen holder, three-dimensional crafts relief
Related parameters
8 types of three-dimensional engraving equipment
Machining dimension
1200mm * 350mm (length * diameter diameter of blank 300, at the same time can be 8 430mm diameter of the workpiece, the workpiece can do 4)
Integral machine tool
Thick wall Fang Gang (design and manufacture by finite element analysis)
Work way
Longmen mobile (high precision, easy to carry weight, easy to operate)
Chuck *8 set of tooling
Spindle motor
2.2KW*8 water cooled spindle
Spindle speed
Spindle speed 6000 - 24000rpm/min
Software control system
Shanghai Weihong four axis linkage control system: the Shanghai Weihong four axis control, the system can automatically flip, can be carved plane can also be sculptural, three-dimensional carving of peace Eagle integration
(display interface to achieve dynamic graphics simulation, 3D tool dynamic tracking display)
Driving motor
Taiwan servo drive motor
Taiwan servo drive
running speed
Processing speed
Diameter of 6mm--- with 12.7mm
Software support
Type3/Artcam/Ucancam/Caxa/Mastercam/UG/ Wen Tai /JD
Guide rail and transmission mode
X, Y, Z are Taiwan on silver (PMI) or intime guide rail, X axis for the lead screw + guide rail transmission, Y axis for the table moving screw drive, Z axis for the guide rail + screw, A axis screw drive (high precision)
Power Distribution Cabinet
Independent power distribution cabinet (independent display, without host)
working voltage
380V/50/60Hz (with high flexible cable shielding line)
Machining accuracy
+ 0.03mm
About 4000kg

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