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CCTV to Qingdao speed tyrants interview

2012/8/12      view:

September 29 - 30 day, CCTV "into science, program director and reporter to Qingdao Speedmaster engraving machine factory for a period of two days of the interview. Speed, chairman of the board, accompanied by the CCTV reporter introduced the speed of the CNC equipment research and production strength, as well as the company's key R & D projects. The shooting and understanding into the science "column is also the focus of our engraving robot, a four axis linkage processing center, and the Speedmaster chairman Xue interview, Xue always detailed introduced engraving robot R & D projects, followed by Premier Li Keqiang advocated" 2025 made in China, and the Chinese version of the industrial 4.0 revolution ", experienced exercise to benefit the internal organs, powerful, for research and development of NC equipment in the country to make greater contribution, also to the audience better describes the current domestic CNC engraving technology R & D level.
Subaru Chairman Mr. Xue Shougui led CCTV reporter visited the production workshop, R & D, engraving robot research center, introduced more than ten years of history in the development of Subaru CNC engraving equipment in the industry, the company continued to strengthen intellectual property products research and development, enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, in the process of painstaking research and development production, customers. Has the production equipment four four axis CNC engraving engraving machine, five axis machining center, seven axis engraving robot, fill the blank of the number of domestic CNC equipment research and production; to solve many problems of carving industry, it is to find a suitable solution for a number of national intangible cultural heritage. In the current financial crisis, the economic downturn, the Qingdao speed tyrants still maintained a good development trend of sustained growth.
Qingdao Subaru, insist for a long time to market orientation of independent technological innovation, through the construction of enterprises as the mainstay, upstream suppliers and downstream customers, domestic and foreign branch companies and offices, major colleges and universities for the external support of innovation system. Strict quality control, enhance research and development capabilities, to enhance their competitiveness, landing implement service, fanning out from point to area, to create a perfect R & D, production, sales and after-sales and other service system. To establish good relations of cooperation with Beijing University of civil engineering and architecture, Beijing University, Zhejiang University, has combined with senior industry experts and professors R & D the control system and operation system, and the establishment of the Beijing University of civil engineering and architecture of postgraduate training base. Through cooperation with these external powerful forces, the higher quality of the realization of the speed of the company's R & D target.
From 5 December 2014, the first domestic engraving robot Subaru production workshop in the solemn assembly line, not only to fill the international engraving robot research production blank, but also to many Chinese engraving technology has been further improved, more make the CNC engraving research and production technology has reached the international leading level. At present, Subaru four axis four linkage engraving machine, engraving robot numerical control equipment has with many domestic and foreign well-known enterprises reached a long-term relations of cooperation, which also for the company to occupy the international high-end market laid the solid foundation. And with the customer needs, will continue to develop more new CNC equipment.
According to the interview group revealed that the interview will be in November, CCTV's "into the science" column center broadcast.