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A total of three healthy Speedmaster engraving machine to celebrate the sixteen course Zaixuhuihuang chapter

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On December 18, 2015, Subaru engraving machine history is a memorable moment in; this day in Speedmaster history left a glorious chapter. This day Speedmaster ushered in the history of "three Xilinmen". People happy spirit of cool, and three healthy, let us happy again review the Subaru history's first three year.

Subaru three Xilinmen engraving machine factory
The first hi: the sixteen anniversary of the establishment of the company
A cloudless blue sky, cloudless, the sun is shining, although during the cold winter, but cold warm. 16th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Speedmaster engraving machine company, from the initial by Subaru, general manager of a line of four people have chosen Qingdao, offering registered company, from a single advertising business, development to today covers woodworking engraving machine, engraving machine, laser engraving machine, robot and engraving programming software, control system development and production of; from only a small company, to now to more than 10 domestic offices, foreign several branch company and plant of division of labor, from only a few employees, development today at home and abroad nearly 200 people to the team. Speed PA sixteen years of development history, is the development of the sixteen years, is the struggle of sixteen years, it is an extraordinary sixteen years! After the wind, frost, snow and rain, Subaru with tenacious struggle, spirit of overcoming difficulties and keen market insight, to dare for courage in a world first, seize the opportunity, forge ahead, fighting courageously in the spring tide of market economy, with hard-working hands and wisdom writing history of Subaru. To create their own brilliant.
Second hi: R & D center building capping ceremony
December 18, 11 when 58 minutes, with the crackling sound of firecrackers, Qingdao Subaru is located at the start of the international high technology industrial park engraving robot R & D center building cap ceremony. Only plant construction to invest tens of millions of dollars of production workshop, wide office building and comfortable staff dormitory lasted half a year of construction, in the leaders and friends to support and help, and builders and team day and night to pay and hard work, and finally to the construction of knock off stage. We are about to move into a more comfortable new company, continue to write a new chapter in the history of speed tyrants, but also in the history of China's CNC equipment in the development of a strong.
Third hi: elected Qingdao Woodworking Machinery Association
Following the morning to participate in the speed of the robot R & D center tower cap ceremony, the general manager of the speed PA attended the Qingdao Woodworking Machinery Association meeting, and through the meeting, the speed of the company elected chairman of the board of directors. This is also following the Shandong Furniture Association, Qingdao Furniture Association, once again elected to another association. This is enough to show that Qingdao speed tyrants in the woodworking machinery industry and the furniture industry has a high reputation. We will exercise the rights and responsibilities of the fair, and actively participate in and coordinate the activities of the association.
The more the mission, the more responsibility. Subaru company set up to now after sixteen years of rapid development, in addition to the company to develop a clear direction and goals, but also rely on a variety of leaders and friends for their support, as well as new and old customers trust and love; as the first settled state of robot technology of high technology industry park of private enterprises, is the first domestic research production of engraving robot company, we do not have any reference, all of the technology are developed, completed research center building, also make our distance "for global customers to provide Chinese automation solutions" dream further; review the history, we are deeply honored and grateful colleagues all over the society work together to pull together in times of trouble, we look forward to the future; lofty sentiments and aspirations, ready to go.