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Qingdao speed tyrants to participate in the 2015 China Robotics Industry Promotion Conference

2012/8/23      view:

December 10th morning, general manager of Qingdao speed CNC engraving machine engraving machine was invited to participate in the Qingdao hi tech Zone organized by the 2015 China robotics industry promotion conference". The meeting is to "integration and innovation. Chi led the future" as the theme, sponsored by the Chinese robot industry alliance, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) support, Qingdao high tech Industrial Development Zone Management committee. The meeting was standing in the mining area of the robot user market in East China, through the political, production, learning, research, with a multi joint exploration of the form, help enterprises to capture opportunities, to further develop space for development. Deputy Minister of industry and Information Technology Ministry of Xin Guobin, Li Sha, deputy director of the economic and Information Technology Commission of Shandong Province, Qingdao City Vice Mayor, Hongdao economic district committee secretary, Qingdao high and New Zone Working Committee Secretary Li Jie sun attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Speed PA engraving machine factory was invited to participate in the robot promotion
Wang Tianran, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Hamburg, Germany, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhang Jianwei, industry renowned experts, KUKA Germany, Japan FANUC, Sweden abb, Shenyang Siasun, Guangzhou, NC, Nanjing eston, stakeholders in the general assembly: the their views and opinions, and to the development of robot industry of China has raised hopes. Excellent local enterprises in Qingdao Haier robot, Baojia automation, Qingdao speed tyrants, Rio robot, TONGCHAN robot is industry development and typical application cases and industry experts for the exchange to share.
During the meeting, issued a "promote the healthy development of China robot industry initiative (Qingdao initiative)" and the first half of 2015 Chinese robot market data, held a "fusion innovation. Wisdom leader in the future: the next generation of robot development", "the world's largest robot market opportunities and challenges," PR the era of "Internet plus" robot "and" robot industry development "," how to China robot industry hollow "," industrial robot key technology development "," key technology of service robot development "as the theme of the speech and the forum. Leaders, experts and representatives of enterprises has made a wonderful speech and communication. The content includes the robot technology development trend and development situation of the industry and the Internet, big data, cloud computing, o2o robots and the Internet fusion development enterprise management mode and production mode change. Analysis of the current situation of the development of China's robot industry from different angles, to clarify the current "production, learning, research, use," the parties face the opportunity and adjustment, to promote further close cooperation between the parties laid the foundation.
The robot industry in China to promote the general assembly is condensed industry strength, promote nationwide communication robot, an important platform for promoting China's industrial robots, service robots industrial development, in the industry has a very high authority and extensive influence, has become China's robot science and technology R & D and communication needs of the event. As an important robot industry base in the north of China, Qingdao has a good industrial agglomeration and development potential. The meeting, to further enhance the Qingdao robot industry visibility in the industry, the delegates a more direct understanding of the investment environment of Qingdao robot industrial park, to further speed up the development of the industry provides a good boost.
In recent years, Qingdao high tech Zone grab grab industry 4.0 and the country to promote the "integration of the two" strategic opportunities, focus on high-end intelligent manufacturing, took the lead in the domestic distribution and the development of the robotics industry, to create the North China's largest industrial base of the robot as the goal, and vigorously implement the innovation driven strategy, quickly gathered a group of related degree, industrial chain is long, with the core competitiveness of the robot research and development and industrial projects in a new round of industrial restructuring and upgrading to win the initiative, and approved as the first "robot national high-tech industry base", Qingdao machine industry officially entered the national robotics industry layout by Ministry of science and technology. Around the robot body manufacturing, Qingdao High-tech Zone focus on the introduction of high technology content, strong driving ability, industrial association of leading projects, play a leading role model, to speed up the formation of a complete industrial chain of robots.
In order to better display of Qingdao in the robotics industry park, and promote the industry application and demand exchange, during the conference delegates to the Qingdao high tech Zone Management Committee Organization to robot exhibition in Qingdao inspection, and equipment in the show on a number of key enterprises to understand, such as the only one domestic R & D engraving robot Qingdao Subaru for feed production equipment industry, Baojia automation company for underwater robot research and development to carry out the Qingdao seamount marine to companies. And projects leading enterprises in the halls of the top ten enterprises such as KUKA Germany, Sweden abb, Japan Yaskawa, Japan FANUC robot world. In the exhibition hall to visit, Qingdao high tech Zone Management Committee, deputy director Li Qun Shang to the details of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Vice Minister of the Xin Guobin, and explain park related to enterprise development.