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Subaru engraving robot to realize the dream of building top point the day and await for it

2012/8/15      view:

In December 18th, bright sun shining sky, such as washing, winter sunlight to warm. Today is the Qingdao speed tyrants CNC engraving machine company was founded sixteen anniversary celebration, more important is, the speed control new factory office building capping ceremony. At 11 am, Qingdao, general manager of the speed of the general manager of the company with the relevant leaders have come to the speed of the new plant site. 11 58 points, with the crackling sound of firecrackers, located Speedmaster office building cap ceremony in the national high and new technology industrial park officially started.

Engraving machine R & D center building capping ceremony
Half a year ago, we held the foundation stone laying ceremony of the construction of factories, today tens of thousands of square workshop, office building and dormitory buildings have sprung up, standing in the robot industry park of Qingdao, office buildings total 3 layer, employee dormitory building, 4th floor, three standardized production workshop, all designed by professional design institute by European and American architectural thinking, office and production areas to design more reasonable. The new plant is only on the plant construction investment reached tens of millions of dollars, the new plant is completed, it will become the most advanced design of the domestic CNC engraving machine production base, as well as the sculpture robot research and development production park.
The progress of the works so well because the leaders and friends to support and help, the construction of the new plant, condensed many builders and team day and night to pay and hard work, we deeply cherish the compliments.
As approved by the State Council of the first robot production Park occupants, but also as the first company to research and development of engraving robot company, we will strive to build their own technical team, self-developed belongs to China's own technology. At present, machine replaces, industrial 4.0, Chinese wisdom and become the main content of our national development strategy, Subaru is a research on CNC equipment 10 years production experience of enterprises is has the responsibility and obligation to use practical action to show, Speedmaster people will also in beautiful Qingdao high new robot industrial park achieve "to customers around the world to provide Chinese automation solution scheme" ambitious dreams.