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PA was invited to the municipal government to participate in the new development.

2012/8/15      view:

On the afternoon of 6 November, Qingdao speed PA engraving machine factory general manager Xue Shougui should Qingdao city by letter to the committee, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce invited, went to Qingdao Municipal Conference Center held a "new normal, new development, momentum. Formats. Mode. Outlook" Forum of experts.

Qingdao speed tyrants engraving robot to participate in the new development forum of the municipal government
The meeting, chaired by the Qingdao City Mayor Zhang Xinqi, Vice Mayor Wang, Secretary long Jian Ping Bian and Deputy Secretary General of the long participated in; special invite related industry experts in Yaskawa (China) board of directors of the Nishikawa Kiyogo robot Co., Ltd., Deputy Secretary General of the graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance long Hou Shifeng, Nitto Qingdao Institute executive vice president Yang Xudong, Qingdao speed PA engraving robot, general manager of Xue Shougui etc.. In addition, the municipal government departments responsible person to attend the meeting.
The theme of the conference is to thoroughly implement the party to implement the "three hit" development strategy deployment, in accordance with the "operation should be smooth, investment to smooth, transition to fast, to regulate spirit" requirements, combined with the city "45" planning and domestic and international economic development trend of science and technology, and actively seek standard benchmarking, focus on cultivating new formats, and explore the new mode, new dynamic enhancement, seek new growth, promote the transformation of the development of Qingdao, innovation and development.
"The new normal, new development, momentum. Formats. Mode. Outlook" expert panel discussion will highlight the intelligent robot, 3D printing, new materials, invite relevant experts around the focus of intelligent robots, 3D printing, new materials technology and industrial communication and discussion.
Meeting first by Mayor Zhang Xinqi to everybody introduced the theme and content of the meeting, then by the Secretary General Jian Ping Bian for everyone learning to convey the Premier Li Keqiang on the State Council advanced manufacturing and 3D printing seminars speech "; then experts were introduced the new product creation and research and development work, we and the fierce debate and exchange, discuss the robot, 3D printing is the bottleneck and solution. Each enterprise to the talent education savings and the introduction of related issues, the municipal government put forward the relevant requirements.