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Subaru engraving robot is fully equipped for batch debugging

2012/8/14      view:

With the "golden nine silver ten" of the hot season, Speedmaster four axis engraving machine, five axis machining center, the engraving robot equipment orders more nervous, a lot of orders delivery date in 45 days after. Due to the production and debugging process of engraving robot is more complicated, so the current robot equipment is batch production, spray painting, debugging, etc..
According to customer processing required, fast response to customer requirements, to provide superior solutions, which has been one of the core competitive advantage of the Qingdao speed tyrants engraving machine plant in the industry. For the spread of Chinese culture, as well as the thousands of years of cultural heritage of the art and culture, the strong launch of the robot, so that the Chinese culture and art of carving a better spread.
Subaru engraving robot with seven axis technology, which greatly exceeded the four axis engraving machine, five axis machining centers, and other equipment can complete the processing technology, fundamentally solve the carving equipment of the dead, the carving can be a full range of processing, to enhance greater precision carving and engraving technology. Flexible engraving engraving robot arm, can flip up and down, left and right lateral maneuvers, carved holes, 360 degree rotation processing. Watch the robot engraving processing technology, are enough to be a perfect art appreciation, rather than simply the processing operations.
Currently Speedmaster engraving robot has and Beijing University, Beijing University of civil engineering and architecture, Central Academy of fine arts, Zhejiang University, Jilin Academy of fine arts, Minjiang college dozens of domestic well-known university has a business, to provide them with all kinds of CNC engraving equipment, used for teaching; and Sany Heavy Industry, Markor, China South Locomotive, victall railway and other many domestic large company group reached a cooperation provide reasonable solutions and processing equipment for their production and processing. With the engraving robot in May 2013 at the speed of the production of the grand line, has been widely ordered by these institutions and companies. And the current robot orders more nervous, many domestic and foreign large enterprises are optimistic about the Speedmaster robotic equipment processing technology, which also increased the Speedmaster robot production tasks, engraving robot sales in the overall sales of Suba CNC equipment accounted for proportion is more and more.
Speed tyrants engraving robot and other equipment with its excellent performance, reliable quality and high cost and other advantages, at home and abroad to win a high evaluation, and achieved a lot of customers in the world trust. With the customer's processing technology improvements, the speed of the product will also be fast update, fast response to customer processing requirements. So that the speed of the equipment production capacity more prominent, more and more professional products to meet customer demand for processing and delivery date.