Heavy duty double head stone carving machine

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The main function:
Three dimensional relief, carved with a sharp bottom, flat bottom engraving, line carving, inverted edge, drilling, etc..
* applications:
Applicable to the stone industry, stone processing industry, art relief, advertising, decoration, decoration industry, ceramics industry.
* applicable materials: marble, granite, jade, stone, Blackstone all kinds of stone, and ceramics, glass, plexiglass, PVC board, aluminum composite panel, bamboo and other materials.
Technical parameter:
Product model
SUBACNC1825 double head heavy stone carving machine
Machining dimension (X/Y stroke)
2500mm * 1800mm
Over material height
The machine bed
The bed
Thick wall steel structure
Working table
Thick walled aluminum surface thickening PVC
Longmen steel
Principal axis, frequency converter
Spindle motor
Constant power 6KW*2 water cooled spindle / spindle fixed plate with steel plate
Spindle speed
6000-24000rpm/ minutes
Frequency converter
Branch run frequency converter
driving system
Driving motor
Stepping motor
Step driver
Control system
control software
Shanghai genuine Weihong control system
With the convenience of the knife.
Independent power distribution cabinet
drive system
X, Y, Z axis are Taiwan intime linear rectangular guide
drive system
X, Y shaft rack drive, Z shaft screw drive
ER25 with 3.175mm with 6mm - 12.7mm
Tool cooling
Double bamboo tube 8mm cooling water outlet
Water tank
Sink (not rust, not afraid of decay)
Manual oiling
Configuration (lubrication and maintenance guide)
Software support
Type3/Artcam/Ucancam/Caxa/Mastercam/UG/ Wen Tai /JD
Graphics software configuration
Carved drawing software
Processing speed
1 m / min - 15 m / min

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