Woodworking engraving machine

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  • Brand:    QINGDAO SUBA
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Speedmaster long woodworking engraving machine for diversification of the complexity of processing, is suitable for the production of project: relief rosewood, European style furniture, classical furniture, screen, chair back arc plane hollow out and relief carving fine processing
Product model
X\Y\Z axis stroke
Integral machine tool
Thick walled square steel
Movement mode
Longmen Mobile
Processing table
Aluminium profile table
principal axis
1.5KW*8 water cooled spindle
Motor and drive
Taiwan East servo motor and servo drive in Taiwan
Control system
Genuine Shanghai Weihong
Spindle speed
running speed
Diameter of 3.175mm--- with 8mm
Software support
Type3/Artcam/Ucancam/Caxa/Mastercam/UG/ Wen Tai / carved
Taiwan on the silver / intime square
Transmission mode
Screw drive
Power Distribution Cabinet
Independent power distribution cabinet
Machining accuracy
+ 0.05mm
supply voltage
380V, 50-60HZ

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