Wire rope conveying type spray painting machine

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  • Brand:    QINGDAO SUBA
  • Type:    QINGDAO SUBA
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Wire rope transmission type automatic spray painting machine is our company's most advanced surface spraying machine models. The machine is easy to use, strong structure, high degree of automation, it is the ideal choice for the transformation from manual spraying to automatic spraying line.
Steel wire rope conveyor, specifically for the category of product design
Reciprocating mechanism for spray gun
Installed with a side gun, specifically to solve the side spray
The height of the spray gun can be adjusted and lifted
Infrared automatic measurement system, reduce the waste of paint
PLC control system, spraying parameters by the operator in the touch screen to set up
The air entering the spraying chamber is filtered, and then matched with the closed chamber, so that the air inside the chamber is kept clean. At the same time, the closed chamber also played a role in protecting the environment.

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