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2016 New Year's Day speech at the Qingdao speed PA engraving machine factory

2013/6/11      view:

Beginning, Vientiane update, saying good-bye to the fruits of 2015, we ushered in the 2016, on the occasion of the speech to the old and ushering in the new, Qingdao Speedmaster engraving machine equipment company general manager Xue Shougui to through thick and thin, hard work, dedication of all staff, I would like to extend season's greetings, extend New Year greetings to the ball around the agents and toil customers. Wish you a happy new year, good luck in everything, good fortune, happiness.

Subaru engraving machine wish friends a happy new year!
About the past 2015, in the fast development of the engraving machine engraving machine company has a landmark significance. Our robot R & D center after the construction of a year, finally spectacular stands in Qingdao high tech Industrial Park, after the renovation, the new company will be next year officially moved into the office layout and structure more reasonable; engraving robot as the focus of the company's research and development projects, through the relevant departments in 2015 as the first formal examination and approval. The CNC engraving technology and processing technology of robot blend in a research and development company, won the support of the relevant departments of the state to the park from the local, Qingdao high tech industry and officially settled the first company to obtain approval of the State Council, the relevant robot equipment in Qingdao robot exhibition hall; R & D furniture production line and related software after 2 years of customer inspection, and achieved fruitful results in 2015, cutting machine with high performance, with humanity Of open high-speed operation of the software, for customers to save a lot of production cost and human resources cost management, a year of 2015 is the speed PA furniture production line equipment triumph; woodworking engraving machine in the bread mold, Torikago Ko and other traditional crafts made new achievements, to find the reasonable solutions for some of the traditional cultural heritage inheritance; set up a stone engraving machine sales office in Laizhou, by virtue of the company for many years the brand, as well as the staff of the efforts and achieved impressive results, orders continuously. About the past 2015, is my secretary to strengthen management, business development across the year, it is worth to be recorded in the history of the speed of the year.
The new year, a new starting point, a new journey. 2016 is destined to be a landmark year in the history of the development of our and our reach new heights, again casting is brilliant, to achieve a new leap year. We will strive to clear the development goals, and strive to meet the new challenges and opportunities in a new attitude.
Attached to the 2016 New Year's Day holiday notice:
Since January 1, 2016 -2 Day holiday, a total of two days. 3, (Sunday) official to work.