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Qingdao speed tyrants engraving machine factory to meet the winter solstice, dumplings, activities

2012/8/23      view:

The winter solstice is a solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is also a traditional festival. "Winter solstice to eat dumplings" is our Chinese tradition of thousands of years of custom. In order to enrich the cultural life, increase the cohesion of the staff of the company, promote friendship between colleagues, let everybody a happy and sweet festival, the Speedmaster engraving machine factory before the winter solstice early ready, and today the organization employees together "dumplings, the winter solstice of attack". We enthusiasm, active participation, the whole package dumplings, laughter constantly, cooperate closely, knead dough, roll skin, dumplings, pipelined tacit cooperation, rows of the unique personality of the dumplings filled with the desktop.

Days although the cold but was rubbing surface and roll skin colleagues still shouted heat, dumplings colleagues playing constantly shout to: skin, the skin, take the dumpling skin. Laughter let you forget the winter cold, from the heart feel warm and enhance the feelings between colleagues, better enhance the employees of the company ownership feeling.